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If you are designing and developing a new online gaming website, or you are finding that yours in not delivering the results that it should be, then its time to consider your search engine optimisation strategy.


SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is the process of optimising your website content to increase website traffic through organic (unpaid for) search.

A website that is expertly search engine optimised, stands a greater chance of appearing near the top of the list when a potential customer searches for certain key words on Google, or other search engines.

Someone searching for “gaming”, “online blackjack”, or “online betting” would hopefully have your website appear right near the top of the results list, just under the paid-for adverts.

Potential customers tend to search only the first few names on any list.


Appealing to the needs of potential customers

Anyone conducting an online search is doing so because they need something.  Both your business and Google have the same aim of addressing that need as seamlessly as possible by delivering:

  • High quality information
  • Content that is relevant to the user
  • The best possible user experience

When someone searches, Google instantly trawls the web to find the relevant information, based on an advanced algorithm. This algorithm is constantly updated and revised to enhance the user experience.

Knowing the latest Google algorithm trends and how to adapt website content to achieve the best search results, is the job of experts like Web Designers Galway.

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Going Organic

When it comes to attracting traffic to its website, a business has two options:

  1. Paying for your website traffic
  2. Encouraging organic traffic through SEO

Why take a chance on your marketing budget by spending millions on advertising, when the odds are against you.  You can spend a lot less by investing in quality content that draws in visitors, because they find it to be interesting, relevant and entertaining, here is a good post to read on marketing trends onf 2021 at

Make the best of existing traffic

Your SEO organic results should not be wasted. Capitalise on each visitor to your website by ensuring that their user-experience is enjoyable and beneficial. Using Google analytics to understand how visitors navigate your site, will enable you to take advantage of organic search results and improve conversion rates.


Analyse data consistently

Use Google analytics to monitor ongoing behaviour trends on your site like time on site, number of sessions, bounce rate and number of clicks. Look for patterns and conversions and reverse-engineer where necessary.

Conduct in-depth keyword analysis

Think about why a user would be searching for your business and do a thorough keyword search to identify relevant keywords. There are various keyword search tools available to assist.

Optimise on-page content for SEO

This technique entails using primary and secondary keywords in critical parts of your content to optimise specific pages for search. Keywords are included in headlines, sub-headlines and images. ‘Keyword stuffing’ should be prevented, as Google will ignore attempts to do this.

Optimise off-page SEO

This technique entails optimising a website through external means to encourage visitors to your site. This includes encouraging backlinks from other sites, social media campaigns, content marketing and other channels.

Get mobile optimised

With over 30% of users in Ireland now accessing the Internet via smartphones, your website needs to be mobile optimized and friendly.

Get fast and furious

Speed, speed and more speed. Users are impatient and won’t hesitate to click out and move on if your pages are slow to load. Don’t let too much clutter and unnecessary bells and whistles slow down your website. Make it fast and functional.


Growing traffic for your gaming website organically, requires the expertise of a specialist SEO agency, but the investment is more than worth it when it comes to ROI.

Galway Website Design are the best in Ireland. We’ll work with you to achieve both quality and quantity of website traffic and a great ROI.

We’re willing to take a bet on that!

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